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Welcome to Medical Ozon


The information on the following pages is meant to give you an insight into the manifold applications of our ozone generators. We look forward to answering your questions in writing or on the phone, see "Queries".


Why ozone?

Ozone has the property to unite with all organic substances. This oxidation causes the decomposition and decay of the substances. Thus, all microorganisms like e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi and their spores are neutralised. After the reaction ozone decomposes to oxygen again. Ozone offers a perfect solution for the elimination of detrimental germs.


Practical application of ozone  

The properties of ozone are unique in nature. Therefore, the application spectrum is so comprehensive. In the food industry ozone is used for degermination, in the fish and meat processing trades for odour neutralisation, in building refurbishment for the elimination of mildew. In research laboratories ozone sluices are used to prevent dangerous microorganisms from escaping. And these examples are just a few for practical everyday applications.  


In private areas, ozone sees manifold applications as well. Compared to other chemical compounds used for disinfection, ozone has three decisive advantages: its effects are stronger than those of other substances (200 times stronger than chlorine!), thanks to its gaseous consistency it reaches all surfaces and no toxic or other – maybe deleterious - residues remain. The room including all internal surfaces is freed most thoroughly from all germ and odour molecules.           


The ozone generator is preferred for use in private households when thorough decontamination is required. Some examples of them are dermatophytes like Microsporum Canis and Trichophyton and the related spore strains. The elimination of all kinds of bacteria and viruses is equally efficient.


A further important subject is the fighting of mildew in the living area, and this especially when a short-term elimination of the mildew triggering factor (e.g. humidity in the walls) is impossible. In case of regular use ozone eliminates the mildew and its spores.


Technique of the Mediair ozone generator

Our ozone generators exploit the photozone tube technique. In contrast to the widely used ceramic tile technique (hereby, ozone is generated by means of an arc voltage by electric discharge) the photozone tube does not produce toxic nitric oxides.

Our high-performance photozone tubes produce a minimum of 10.000 hours of constant concentration of ozone! A highly developed, new kind of tube inside coating at powerful 38 W per tube (Mediair Plus and Mediair Profi) guarantees this quality advantage.

The new Mediair Plus now works with one 38-watt tube instead of two 16-watt tubes. The future change of tubes will be substantially more economic, since just one tube has to be replaced.

Our manufacturer’s products have already received prizes for different environmentally friendly properties; those prizes e.g. include:      

EU environmental prize for “clean technology“, honouring for the development of innovative products for the air and water quality control.

The safety of our Mediair ozone generators is TÜV approved.

Ozone generator in case of Microsporum Canis and Giardien

The ozone generator Mediair has proved to be successful for many years with respect to the elimination of Microsporum Canis spores. For detailed information on the treatment of Microsporum Canis see: Help with Microsporum Canis

With respect to Giardien the ozone generator is successfully used for the elimination of the cysts.

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