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10J Cachaça Velho Barreiro 39...
  10 J. Cachaça Velho Barreiro   GOLD DELUXE     39 % Alkohol, 0,7L Flasche ...
Price: 30.00 EUR Includes German VAT
42,86 € / Liter


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    Our Objective

    MarLuso is an independent wholesale and online trade company which aims to promote those regions of Portugal which are still widely unknown. These are amongst others the regions "Terras De Basto", "Trás-Os-Montes" and "Cova Da Beira". Through the co-operation with several regional cooperatives and companies their delicacies get presented and promoted throughout Europe. The high quality of these products convince even the most critical customer.
    If you would like to get introduced to and to try these delicacies, please contact us. We will come to your shop or, if you prefer, to your home and present them to you.

    Why MarLuso (Mar + Luso)?

    The word "mar" which means "sea" has been chosen because Portugal borders on the Atlantic ocean and has always been a seafaring nation.
    "Luso" or "Lusitano" is how the inhabitant of the early Portugal was called. According to legend the origin of this Celtic-Iberian tribe is to be found in the "Cova Da Beira" region. The Romans called this province "Lusitânia" (200 AD). And even today "Luso" is used as a synonym for "Portuguese".

    Knorr Bier-Soße
    Knorr Bier-Soße
    2.20 EUR Includes German VAT
    27,5 € / kg
    27.50 EUR / 1 kg

    Schaf Rohmilch-Käse der Serra da...
    16.00 EUR Includes German VAT
    Kirschlikör aus Portugal Licor de Cerejas do Fundão, 16%, 0,5L Flasche (20€/L)
    Kirschlikör aus Portugal Licor...
    10.00 EUR Includes German VAT
    20 € / Liter

    Brauner Rohrzucker
    3.50 EUR Includes German VAT
    Ferreira White Portwein
    Ferreira White Portwein
    10.00 EUR Includes German VAT
    13.33 € / Liter

    Top sellers
    "Capataz" 5L Rotwein
    5L Roter Tafelwein  Capataz im Bag-In-Box Fruchtig, sehr süffig Alkoholgehalt: 13 % Volumen   Mit praktischem Zapfhahn ist dieser Wein angebrochen viele Wochen haltbar. Es dringt nämlich keine Luft hinein.   Enthält Sulfite.   weitere Infos    
    Capataz 5L Rotwein
    Stock: This product is at present available
    Brauner Rohrzucker
    Sandfeiner Brauner Rohrzucker Açucar de Cana - Brown Cane Sugar areado   aus Portugal 1kg (3,5 EUR/kg) Mit speziellem Aroma, Farbe und Geschmack, welches die Melasse des Rohrzuckers hergibt.   Nährwertkalkulation / Nutricional INFO (LMIV) per 100g:Energie / Energetic Value:...

    Stock: This product is at present available
    Knorr Brühe für Meeresfrüchte
    Knorr Brühe für Meeresfrüchte Caldo de Marisco   Seafood Stock Broth   aus Portugal 8 Würfel à 10g = 80g   Hersteller: Knorr - UNILEVER, Largo Monterroio Mascarenhas,1, 1099-081 Lisboa, PORTUGAL    Diese Brühe ist ein exzellenter Geschmacks-Zusatz für alle...
    Knorr Brühe für Meeresfrüchte
    Stock: This product is at present available

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